Artist at every corner!!

ARTIST- Someone who is different in his looks like wearing glasses or long beard, socially awkward and probably do a hell lot of drugs.

Probably this is what we all have an image
 of a person called artist.

What does he do?

Photography, writer,musician,dancer,actor and other not so common works.


I was having the same perception for over a very long time but this is what the society has made us to think because anything that is not common,not persuade by many is ART.

Is it right to just term ART as a little atom of huge molecule??

I mean Art is everywhere just like air it’s everywhere in everyone,in you in me,everyone is an artist you are also an artist in your own way, you just need to be artistic enough to see it!! 

Then what’s with the society of not claiming everyone as an artist and treating them as a bunch of morons or is it the socially akward artist who is finding excuses to do drugs.

Who is wrong ??

This debate has endless Angles and points but why can’t we just term everything as art like why a driver who is using his skills just like a guitarist called a driver not an artist or why a carpenter who uses his hand skills just like a painter is not called an artist!! 

Maybe the discrimination is for the better maybe not but the next time you see someone doing his job like driving or managing his shop make him realise that he is not just a normal person he is also an ARTIST.


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