My understanding of GOD

Disclaimer:- Maybe I am too small to write anything on this, maybe I need to learn a lot but we all are small and learning.Let me clarify this by saying that I am just stating my own views here.

Do you believe in god ? I once asked an atheist.

No, I don’t believe in fairy tales. Fair enough i said.

Then what is it that keeps your drive on or your center of beliefs?

My instincts and my knowledge (smirks).

Terrified by this response i asked my dad the same question.

He replied with a sense like he always saw that coming.

I believe in God and he guides me to my drive and also to everyone’s drive.

Amused by the response I asked him how is that even possible?

He responded with a question, when did you realize that you must leave this place and move on in life?

When i got my knowledge about the world..

Yes, exactly this is where God came in play son (he cuts me in the middle). your instincts and knowledge comes from God.

Both responses where pole apart but eventually meant the same.

I am not here to change your belief or write a fancy article about how dumbfuck some superstitious people are. I am here to share an idea.

An idea that eventually everyone is the same everyone is as vulnerable as you and me.

While some may take their believes & knowledge from a holy book & some just put there heads down & do their work and develop there believes and knowledge along the way. We all are same.

While some run towards a statue when their is some problem in their life and some stress their balls out thinking about a way out. We all are same.

My only concern is that whatever it is that keeps your faith on and beliefs about life never lose faith. Lack of faith causes arrogance,fear and eventually destruction.

So, while you are reading this and maybe hating me on some points or loving a little bit let me tell you one thing my friend WE ALL ARE SAME